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National Petroleum & Corrosion Services

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Affordable & Safe for everyone

National Petroleum & Corrosion Services offers a range of Petroleum and
Corrosion products and services.


Our Products & Services

National Petroleum & Corrosion Services offers a range of products and services including:

Installation and removal of Underground Tanks

Installation and Repair of Fuel Line Piping

Maintenance, Calibration and Verification of Fuel Pumps & Dispensers

Full National Cathodic Protection Testing/Repairs and installation on Terminals and Service stations

LPG Maintenance, repairs & Installations along with regular safety Audits

Fuel/Waste/LPG Tank Decommissioning


LPG tank 10-year


About Us

National Petroleum & Corrosion Services

National Petroleum & Corrosion Services is a national company with head office in Tullamarine Victoria and another base in Southport QLD. NPCS has the ability to service clients all across Australia.

NPCS is a family business that was found and established in 2020.
We also employ a small team who help us to provide our high grade of work and excellent level of service.

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Affordable & Safe for everyone!

Installation of Underground Tanks / Fuel Line Piping

NPCS installation team installs underground and above ground tanks and fuel systems for retail, commercial and industrial applications across Australia and have experience with all tank sizes and environmental conditions.

From underground up, we will ensure your fuel management and monitoring systems are safe, practical and overall improve your business.

Underground fuel storage tanks remain a practical solution for many commercial and industrial applications looking to store large volumes of fuel in a safe and stable environment, particularly where space is at a premium (for example at service stations).

NPCS can perform all repairs and testing to existing pipe work. We use the highest quality products available and follow industry standards on all installations.


NPCS offers a wide range of forecourt maintenance services to our clients, including emergency breakdown and general maintenance through to local or national service contracts.

NPCS provides repairs to a range of pumps, Calibration and Verification of Fuel Pumps & Dispensers. We have access to an extensive range of spare parts. If we don’t have it, we can certainly try to get it!

No job is too small for us.

In combination with our preventative maintenance service and our 24/7 Helpdesk, NPCS can provide a tailored solution that keeps your business running.

Cathodic Protection Installation/ Testing/ Repairs

Cathodic Protection is a big part of our company.

We have the experience, technology and the resources to help you install and commission your cathodic protection systems. We will strive to satisfy your technical requirements.

Most of our CP field work is the routine testing and maintenance of all types of impressed current and sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems for all industries. We service our local customers on a regular basis and do National runs in order to reduce costs for all our clients.

Robert Santilli is our certified Senior Corrosion Technician with over 15 years experience.
Rob Specialises in the Fuel industry CP but can also cater for all types of CP.


What’s Next for NPCS?

NPCS air units will cater Australia wide in the Supply and service of Freestanding Tyre inflator units

Along with Smaller Wall mounted tyre inflator units.

Cheaper than all other competitors NPCS air units come with warranty and 24 Hour Customer Service and a Great Quality Unit that won’t disappoint.

Units can also be Custom designed with different colours/Logos to suit your demands.

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